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Join us to play Lion king game where you take on the role of a majestic African lion, roaming in the savannah. Search for food, lead your pride and explore the beauty of abundant sceneries within an immersive wildlife game.

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Browse through lots of 918kiss slot games comprising different themes which have bonus rounds making them suitable even for those looking forward to earn money by just playing online slots.

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Get a universe of animal combats in Ekor. Gather your team and plan how to outwit your adversaries until you are declared as an overall winner who will conquer the jungle.

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Play adult Ae sexy games. Choose our sensual gambling activities aired over live webcams only available here only.

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Show your card playing skills in Poker win. This involves competing against other players in tournaments, deceiving them until they lose all their money and gradually rising to be a poker champion.

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Maxbet is one of the top Winbox games where you can join and make some money. Take part in our betting activities that are available all around the world and get the chance to win in big.

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Particpate in real casino thrill at Bg live casino. Enjoy classic games where there are live dealers playing from wherever you feel is cozy for you at home.

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Rcb988 offers a larger selection of casino games and slots. It is a top game for online casino lovers since it has exciting bonuses and with the most user-friendly interface.

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Bet with Sbo sport on events that attract sports betting involving your favorite sports. The thrills associated with placing bets on sports can be enjoyed through competitive odds and constant updates available through instant messaging services.



Cockfighting is best when you can feel it here at Sv388. Wager on virtual matches as you support your favourite roosters fighting for victory.

Winbox- The Best Gambling Platform For Malaysian

Winbox is a trusted name in the casino gambling industry in Malaysia. We partner with the top gaming providers (AG, PT, BG, &, GD). The gaming providers are well-versed and authorized agents. We have latest version of the games to play and win more.  Our games include Lion King, Ekor, Poker Win, Bg Live Casino, Sbo Sport, 918kiss, Ae Sexy, Maxbet, Rcb988, & Sv388.


Winbox has invested a lot to make everything seamless and hassle-free. We believe everyone wants to play in a safe, legal, and authorized platform. Therefore, we offer you the same. Our platform is secure and you can rely on us to play the game anytime you want. We are serving our clients for over 10 years and have established our name in the top 10 list in the gambling industry of Malaysia and beyond. 

Apart from this, we launch the Malaysia’s first gambling APP (supports iOS and Android). By using this Malaysia Gambling APP, players can now enjoy sportsbook, live casino, slots, and 4D lottery anywhere and at anytime. We offer free credit, bonuses & promotions to all our esteemed players. Furthermore, our 24*7 backend support and supervision allows players to enjoy playing in the safest and secure gaming environment.


We offer the best live casino games in Malaysia and beyond. We have live Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and SicBo at our website. All our games are fair and offer smooth gameplay. All the games are random numbers generated by the computer. This ensures players to play in the most secure environment.


Winbox is offering the top-rated slot games to all the slot lovers in Malaysia. You can easily play the slot games with your mobile device, PC, or tablet wherever you go. Thus, it means you can play the game anywhere and at anytime you want.


We are offering the most exciting sports betting games in Malaysia. You can bet on the trusted sports betting events like the World Cup, Premier League, E-sports, and others. May the sports betting give you more fun and high returns.


Winbox has all the different types of lottery games including 4D/ 5D/ 6D betting games such as Magnum, Damacai, ToTo, Malaysia, Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak, STC, and Lucky Hari-hari. All you have to do is place the bet online and enjoy.


Join the trusted and most reputed casino gambling platform of Malaysia. We have the top gaming versions that are compatible for both ios & android devices. Our site has 24/7 customer support services to answer all your questions and queries you may have. Besides, we offer latest bonuses and promotions to all our players. This helps them to retain, play more, and win high.



Are the Winbox games fair?

Are the Winbox games fair?

Yes, Winbox games are fair. We use encrypted technology to protect the fairness and security of the game. Thus, all our games are certified and authorized by the trusted gaming agents of Malaysia.


Do you support download options for android & ios devices?

Do you support download options for android & ios devices?

Yes, we support download options for android & ios devices. You can check our website to know the complete steps to download the app on android & ios devices.


Do you offer promotion and bonuses to the players?

Which is the best online casino to play in Malaysia?

Yes, we offer promotion and bonuses to all our players. This entices players to retain in the game, win more, and get high return. 


We’re Global

Cultural diversity is present throughout all of WINBOX offices. Our global talents contribute to WINBOX presence in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia the UK and USA. All have the same thing in common; a passion for delivering the very best in gaming.

Winbox- Top & Trusted Casino Gaming Site Of Malaysia


Winbox casino has much to talk about in the latest years. Players are using the Winbox gaming site to enjoy and win more. There is a wide range of gambling games available for players. This is possible because of the advancement in technology & the latest updates. Players are able to play at their home and enjoy to the fullest. Players can play the games on computer or other smart devices. But, do you know, Winbox is not limited to enjoyment. You can also win besides playing. You can win bonuses, rewards, advancements, and promotions online.

Since there are lots of fraudsters in the market, you need to be aware to choose the right and trusted gambling platform. Choose Winbox casino as the top-trusted site to avoid falling into the hands of malicious people. As a whole, the trusted gaming site has licenses, regulations, lucrative bonuses, customer support, and much more to offer. The player’s security and safety is our primary focus.

Types Of Casino Games You Can Play On Winbox MY

We have the larger selection of games to play on Winbox. All our games have the latest versions and compatible with ios and android devices.  Our category of games includes live casino, slots, online betting, 4d lottery, fishing, poker, and many more. These games are certified and authorized by the top gaming providers of Malaysia. You can play these games whenever & wherever you want. Play these games for lots of fun and high winning.

How To Join Winbox Casino?

Joining Winbox casino is simple. All you have to do is visit the casino gaming site, tap on the “register” section on the website. Then, the registration box will open. Fill the required details like name, email ID, password, & phone number. After doing so, you will get a confirmation email. Verify your mail id, follow all the instructions and start playing. Play your favorite games, check the instructions of playing and start the game accordingly.

Winbox Casino Malaysia Tips & Betting Odds

Winbox Casino is known as the top gambling platform because of its rich games and exciting offers. We are amongst the top 10 gaming site that offers genuine and guaranteed results to all our players. We select the best and certified online casino platforms in Malaysia and beyond. Therefore, Winbox ensures that it provides players with top-notch gaming experience through its online live casino dealers who work tirelessly day and night to assist you when needed.

2024 latest Online Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Winbox Casino has the best promotions and bonuses you can find in any online casino in Malaysia. Different types of bonuses are available, which provide for an exciting gaming atmosphere on your favorite games. This is one of a few online gambling platforms in Malaysia that has the best welcoming bonus for new comers into Winbox Casino community.

Our online casino offers new promotions and bonuses every few months in Malaysia. Thus keep visiting our 2024 online casino site to discover the latest promotions that we have. Don’t worry if you have any queries, our customer service team will be glad to assist you with anything you need. Just click on the 24/7 live chat at the bottom right side of your screen and receive a quick reply from one of our support executive.

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